“I believe I have just found the key to communicating more effectively

with my family and co-workers. Awesome class!”

Edward Garcia

Human Resource Administrator

“Where was this class 2 jobs and 3 divorces ago?”

Jake Fischer


“I never thought about how the ways that I grew up affect the way I

communicate until I had this class.”

Carolyn Johnson

Child Care Specialist

“I am a female supervisor with mostly males in my unit at work. This class helped me

tremendously in understanding the differences in the way males communicate. I also have a 12

year old son, and now have a better understanding of how to talk to him now.”

Sarah Chism

Transportation Specialist/Mother

"I have been to several "Diversity" type training's, and I usually come away feeling either angry, or at least uncomfortable with how class was presented. Peter's class is a whole new ballgame. He is very effective in showing us that prior social conditioning has negatively affected all of us in the country. "

Jonathan Sims

Security specialist

"Thanks for telling it like it is"!

Steven Hampton


"I have to admit, I am very uncomfortable talking to other's different from me, in social situations. Peter has given me a starting point to have the 'courageous conversations' he talks about in class."

Monica Dean

Human Resource Mgr.