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About Us

Harrell Communications LLC was created in 1995. Our goal has always been  to design training to fit precisely with your needs. We will consult in depth with you to get the exact outcomes you need.

Entertaining facilitation for these courses:

Effective Communication

The Art of Conflict Resolution

Gender Culture & Communication

Surviving Violent Encounters

Emotional Intelligence

Fallproof ... and many others.

30 yrs experience in training/facilitation/consulting. 

Peter Harrell, Jr. is President of Harrell Communications LLC., a consulting/training company that offers customized training classes. Peter formed his company in 1995 and hails from Austin, Texas. He also has a BA Degree in Theatre Arts, and Organizational Development from St. Edwards University.


Peter has excelled as an executive management trainer, and was given the responsibility of creating, implementing, and delivering leadership training, for executive managers and supervisors in seven of the largest agencies in the state.

After retiring from a 20-year career with the state of Texas, Peter continues a 46 year acting career with roles in over 50 national and regional commercials, 25 movies, 20 theatrical productions, and over 40 roles in television. 

Peter’s engaging, dynamic style of facilitating has both entertained, and left audiences with a truly value-added experience.

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1002 Morrow St, #1, AUSTIN, TX 78757, US

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